A Blend of Passions Passed Down from Father to Sons. 


Wildlife Seasonings® was established over 30 years ago by our father and founder of Baron Spices, Inc., Jerry Wiegers.  This collection of trophy flavors was born from his love of the outdoors, particularly fishing and hunting.  As soon as we were old enough to hold a fishing rod, dad was there sharing his knowledge and passion for the outdoors with my brother and I.  We were blessed to have had so many years with him, where we too developed our own love of the outdoors and created so many memories.  We dedicate this website and the ever-expanding collection of Wildlife Seasonings to our father as a tribute to his memory. 


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Owning a spice company with plenty of premium seasonings to choose from gave dad the opportunity to hand pick each seasoning that truly complemented the harvests he brought to the table.  A few of the seasonings in this collection were formulated by Jerry himself.  Each seasoning not only unleashes the flavors of the wildlife depicted on the label, but you’re not going to go wrong if you use them on more mainstream proteins like chicken, beef and pork. You can even take vegetable flavors to new heights.     

Until recently, our Wildlife Seasonings had been reserved as gifts for customers of Baron Spices or through our corporate gift program.  We now offer these exceptional seasonings to those who share our same passions and love of the outdoors.


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